Dry Skin Brushing Benefits & Tips

Dry Skin Brushing is done with a natural brush that will help exfoliate skin cells. It is a natural way to promote circulation and skin cell renewal.

Dry Skin Brushing | www.AmaraOrganics.com

When should you do it?

It is probably easiest to do it right before you shower. Just do not get the brush wet! You could always do it at another time during the day, but it seems like the most natural sequence to remove the dead skin, hop in the shower and then moisturize with coconut oil or the moisturizer of your choice.

Is a dry brush expensive? Where can I buy one?

dry brush is great because they do not have to be replaced on any regular basis. You can buy them at any health foods store or online. They typically range between $10-15 dollars. Many others have a long handle which helps for hard to reach spots.

Dry Skin Brushing | www.AmaraOrganics.com

How do you do it?

Make sure to use a gentle pressure and do not go overboard as you could damage your skin. Be sure to avoid any cuts and scratches too. Brush towards the heart in long sweeps. Start at your feet and work your way up. On your stomach, work the brush clockwise. Do not use the brush on your face. The bristles would be too harsh.

What are the benefits?

  • Cell renewal & blood flow
  • Helps the lymphatic system break down toxins
  • Glowing skin

There is mixed research out there about whether or not dry brushing can help eliminate cellulite. From my experience, cellulite is most often caused by a lack or atrophied muscle. However, dry brushing can enhance the appearance of your skin.


Dry skin brushing is simple, inexpensive and accessible for all of us. You can always find a few extra minutes to treat yourself in order to improve your health and get a glow.


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