5 Habits that are Ruining Your Skin

Save your skin by cutting out these 5 habits you likely don’t even realized are ruining your skin! These are simple beauty tips that will help you maintain beautiful skin without much additional effort!

Ruining Your Skin | www.AmaraOrganics.com

1. Stop resting your face in your hands -When reading off the computer or sitting in a meeting, practice sitting up straight and keeping your hands off of your face. Holding your face like this can stretch the skin and eventually cause sagging of the skin around the chin.

2. Rubbing the eyes! – The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Unfortunately as we age, this skin continues to get thinner. This thin skin can easily be broken. Rubbing the eyes may lead to premature wrinkling of the skin around the eye.

3. Only moisturizing your face – The skin on your neck and chest should also be moisturized with the same moisturizer as your face. A trick is to apply the moisturizer starting from your chest working in an upward direction toward the face. Moisturizing the skin on the neck in a downward motion encourages sagging,

Ruining Your Skin | www.AmaraOrganics.com

4.Popping pimples and picking at scabs – Although pimples can be very tempting to pop, it’s not advised. If the pimple is not ready to be popped, it will likely erupt under the skin which will spread the oils from the pimple, clogging up surrounding pores and causing more acne in the future. If the pimple was ready to pop, popping the pimple will likely cause a small scab to form over the effected area. If you continue to pick at these scabs, it may create a permanent scar.

5. Not being selective with your skin care items – By choosing commercial skin care items, you are choosing to put harmful chemicals onto your skin, which will be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Instead, choose organic skin care items. Amara Organics Skin Care items are certified organic, vegan and not tested on animals.

  1. Great tips! I was resting my hand on my face while reading this – oops! Will work on adding more moisturizer to my neck and chest too!

  2. Love this! I always struggle with resting my face in my hands & am trying so hard to break the habit! I’m stopping by from the MIMM linkup!

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